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When times get tough...

...local support is available. Kirby Cane Charities (CC no. 1079345) can give a donation to help you. And that includes education - if you’re under 25 and need something towards your studies, we can help there too.
(Please note - This offer is only available to people in Kirby Cane)

Let us know what the problem is, how much you need and how soon, then we’ll see what we can do:

  • contact one of the trustees (they are listed on the Charity Commission web site).


About us

Signpost will try to point you in the right direction for news, information, photographs, history, activities and events in the villages of Ellingham and Kirby Cane.



Temporary road closure - 7th Feb. 2024

Mill Road will be closed for manhole repair works on the 7th February 2024. The road will be closed 70m westward from Mill Lane for approximately 70m westwards. The work is expected to take one day.



Rare Nacreous cloud

The rare Nacreous clouds were seen near sunset on the 21st December 2023 at Ellingham. They normally form in the lower stratosphere over polar regions when the Sun is just below the horizon. The ice particles that form nacreous clouds are much smaller than those that form more common clouds. These smaller particles scatter light in a different way, which is what creates the distinctive luminescent appearance. Due to their high altitude and the curvature of the Earth’s surface, these clouds are lit up by sunlight from below the horizon and reflect it to the ground. Because of the very low temperatures required, nacreous clouds are usually only visible from the UK when the cold air which circulates around polar regions in the stratosphere (known as the stratospheric polar vortex) is displaced and hovers temporarily over the UK.


HELP! Support required to fund the new car park 

Success can sometimes lead to issues. The popularity of the playing field and Ellingham Primary School has highlighted a lack of parking in the area, often with as many as 60 vehicles parked along the road and verges: thereby causing travel problems and posing a real safety hazard.


The parish council met with the school and other local agencies to try and find a solution. There has been good progress: Ellingham United Charities has agreed to rent out a piece of land on the corner of Mill Road and School Road for a car park; planning permission has been granted; the site surveyed and three quotations have been obtained; but now we face the biggest hurdle - funding. 


The size of the problem is enormous - we need to raise a further £135,000 to £165,000 to complete the work. If you have any experience in funding large projects (for example, crowd funding, and so on), if you would like to help, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact the parish council. This task is one of the biggest for many years and will benefit our community for decades. Please help.



Memorial Hall 


Regular Groups:

Monday:     Chair Exercise 10-11am (Diana 01508 518148)

                     Art Group 2-4pm( Ann 01502 710342

Tuesday:     Qi Gong 10.30-11.30 (Sara 01508 518488)

                      Pilates 6.15-7.15 ( Sarah Text: 07701091798)

Wednesday: Tai Chi 7pm-8pm (Natasha 01502 711127)

Thursday:       QI Gong 7pm-8pm (Sara 01508 518488)

                        Knit and Natter (Alt. Weeks) 2pm-4pm ( Norma 01508 518012)

New Hire Charges: £6 per hour for regular groups, £10 for other users

Our locality

Located on the northern side of the Waveney valley, the borders and indeed the services of Ellingham & Kirby Cane are so intertwined that the villagers chose to share the council, merging to form Kirby Cane & Ellingham Parish Council in 2007. In fact some people have one part of their house in Kirby Cane and the other part in Ellingham!

Kirby Cane is slightly larger in area than Ellingham and the populations differ:

  • Ellingham  532 people in 238 homes*

  • Kirby Cane 375 people in 152 homes *

* 2001 census

On this site

Here you can find:

News & articles

Stories and news items from the past year or so.

Activities and groups 

There are many groups that meet regularly in our parishes. Special events and dates will appear in on this home page.

Support and links

 We all need help or advice sometime, so here are some of the organisations or business you might try in this area.


The history of the villages in the 21st century and the past two millenia in Jo Gooderham's A Chronology of Ellingham and Kirby Cane.


An A to Z of the key historical names, phrases and words are listed & linked to the associated web pages.

In an emergency

Some links and details of emergency services in this area.

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