Signpost - Ellingham and Kirby Cane



In the 1040's there were a number of brigades for our parishes, all run by the Church: Ellingham Boys Brigade and Ellingham Girls Life Brigade (based in the 'The Green Hut'), whilst Kirby Cane had the Church Lads Brigade. The brigades disbanded in around 1955. 2003 saw a reunion service of some of the members at St. Mary's Church, Ellingham. Some of the Brigades' memorabilia can still be seen in St Mary's Church, Ellingham.

Brigade rulles


Church parades

Brigades parading
Boys Brigade drummers

Ellingham Boys Brigade

The First Ellingham Company was formed in 1942 Their Captain was the Reverend Pert and Lieutenant was Mr Clifford. The Company continued with various officers until about 1958.

Boys Brigade flag
Boys Brigade returning home from summer camp

Boys Brigade returning home from summer camp in 1942

On the left is John Parker, on his left Dick Robinson, on his left shoulder Eric Robinson. Back far right Vivian Harvey, Rev. Pert, Grandma Pert on his left shoulder.

Boys Brigade at summer camp

Middle row right to left Peter Hatch, Dick Robinson, Eric Robinson. In front of Eric is Percy Smith, BB Captain and his wife behind. Back Second row from left Vivian Harvey. Centre Mr Pert and Ruth.

Photographs courtesy of Ruth Aird (daughter of Rev. Pert).

Boys Brigade at summer camp

Boys Brigade at summer camp

Back row: Geoff Earl, Dickie Nice, Pat (Ginger) Nice, Michael Clutton, David Hood, Roy Crisp, Peter Nice.

Middle row: Barrie Head, Jim Catling, Colin Bale, Rex Hancy, Derek Brown, Arthur Fisher, David (Doughie) Prentice, Robin Limmer, Derek Hood, Sid Harmer.
Front row: Viv Harvey, Rev. Fred Gentry (Ellingham Parson 1946-1950), Reg Harvey.

Ellingham Girls Life Brigade

The Girls' Life Brigade met in the Green Hut in Mill Road, under the leadership of Mrs Amy Jermy and other officers being Mrs Hart, Mrs V Harvey and Miss Ruby Hood.

Girls Life Brigade Flab
Girls Life Brigade 1945
Girls Life Brigade 1945

Fourth (rear row): Dorothy Hood, ?, Brenda Hood, ?, ?, Roma Mayes
Third row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Vera Hall, Dorothy Coe*, Lorna Coe, Ruby Hood, Alma Bircham (later married Vivian Harvey), ?
Second row: Sheila Bale, ?, Mrs Amy Jermy?, Rev. Fred Gentry, ?, ?, ?, Christine Hall
Front row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Brigade memorabilia

Kirby Cane Church Lads Brigade

The brigade was run by Rev. Abernethy in the 1940's and used to meet in the Mission Hall or, in the summer, at the rectory. The lads went on camps and gave annual gymnastics and marching displays at the Memorial Hall.

This photo (above) was taken in the grounds of the rectory. Rear row (left to right): Roger Bale, Clive Goldsmith, Brian Kinnair, Derek Curtis, Dicky Brown, John Buck, George Slater, Graham Button and Gordon Read.
Front row: Tony Warnes (kneeling), Rodney Gower, Rev. Abernethy, Mr Button, Peter Bale and Alan Curtis (kneeling).

Kirby Cane Church Lads Brigade

Brigades' reunion, August 2003

In August 2003, former members of the Ellingham Boys Brigade and the Ellingham Girls Life Brigade met up for the first time in 50 years for a reunion service. The service included readings by Robin Limmer and Leslie Smith, recollections from Geoffrey Earl and Dick Robinson. The prayers were led by Arthur Fisher. 

Brigades' reunion, August 2003

Rear row: ?, ?, Dorothy Cole, Harry Adams, Arthur Davey, Dick Robinson?, Colin Bale (with beard), Geoffrey Earl, Arthur Fisher, Billy Clutter, Leslie Smith.
Front row: Sheila Bale, Heather Bale, Brenda Hood, ?, Derek Hood, Alma Harvey, Walter Titlow, Michael Woods, Robin Limmer.