Signpost - Ellingham and Kirby Cane

Map showing local schools



There have been two schools in our area, now there is one.



  • Kirby Cane primary school (closed)




Mobile library service

Norfolk County council operate a mobile library service to our community, fortnightly. 

Kirby Cane primary school (closed)

Some form of education was available in the village in the 1843. What form it took is uncertain. It was probably on a Sunday in the church under the schoolmistress Susan Goddard. Records indicate that, in 1951, there were 30 scholars in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. 

In 1861 a school was built, originally as a single room, and the teacher was Lucy Hinsley (aged 56).

The school closed in 1970.

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Kirby Cane primary school. Photograph courtesy of Joe Pye