Signpost - Ellingham and Kirby Cane

The history of the villages can be traced back two millennia, as was documented so well in Jo Gooderham's A chronology of Ellingham & Kirby Cane. For more recent events please try Recent history and the photo archive


This site is a 'living' document. What do we mean by this? The history is based on what information the researchers have found. As more detail comes to light, so this record of our local history can be improved. And you can play a part in this. If you have information the researchers could use, or if you see any errors please send them in.



Events of the few generations can be found in Recent history and the archive. For the centuries leading up to this, try A chronology of Ellingham & Kirby Cane

Some pages of the Chronology are being indexed. Any significant changes to the history pages will appear in the updates section, so if you want to know what has changed since you last looked, try there.


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