Signpost - Ellingham and Kirby Cane

At one time, four buildings were available in Kirby Cane and Ellingham for meetings, functions and so on: the Memorial Hall, St Mark's Mission Hall (also green) on Yarmouth road roughly opposite where the bus shelter is, the Methodist Chapel (near the Post Office) and the Green Hut.

I don't know what year it was erected but it must have been before 1953, the year of the Queen's Coronation, because the following photograph was taken that year.

Inside the Green Hut c1953

Vera Chapman and her daughter, Sylvia are to the bottom right

Inside the Green Hut

Bottom left of the photo is Rachael Crane with daughter, Janet, on her knee

Back in the 1960's I remember attending Sunday School there and the occasional children's event. There were a pair of parallel bars up the corner and relics of the church Brigades.
- Iain

Children outside the Green Hut
Inside the Green Hut

 If you have any memories of the Green Hut, or the people in these photographs, please contact us.