Signpost - Ellingham and Kirby Cane



This page lists any significant changes to the this site.


2/8/2022     tidings-norfolk.org links removed due to site missing.

30/3/2021   Public houses - new page.

22/3/2021   A Chronology of Ellingham and Kirby Cane indexed up to the letter E.

10/3/2021   New article Local charities for the poor - how the charities came to be - added to Charities page.

1/3/2021     Index initiated for web site. 

27/2/2021   Flood alerts and sandbags information added to In an emergency.

1/2/2021   Signpost moved from BT host (ekc-cc.btck.co.uk) to Krystal.uk along with a new URL https://kirbycaneandellingham.uk/